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Storm Dangers Prompt Joint Outreach with Different Tactic to Homeless

Storm Dangers Prompt Joint Outreach with Different Tactic to Homeless

Storm Dangers Prompt Joint Outreach with Different Tactic to Homeless

Police Association Teams with the Street Team in Hopes T-Shirts Will Spread Shelter Information

COSTA MESA, Calif. –Despite the many warnings about El Nino, preventable accidents occur especially for those that wander too close to flooded areas with the homeless being most at risk. Getting the message to the homeless isn’t easy unless you have direct contact which is why the Costa Mesa Police Association teamed up with the Costa Mesa Street Team to distribute specially made T-shirts warning of the storms’ dangers and information for local shelters.

Police association members are hoping the shirts will quickly make their way into the homeless community. “Flyers are good but we wanted the message to directly reach the homeless. When we heard about the great work Tony Capitelli was doing with the street team in connecting with the homeless on a regular basis we knew working with him was the best way,” says Rob Dimel of the CMPA.

The bright T-shirts warn of flash floods, hypothermia because of dropping temperatures and damage to personal property. Mercy House OC Armory, the Salvation Army and The Crossing Church are a couple of the shelters and storage facilities listed on the back of the t-shirts.

“We’ve seen the kinds of situations people find themselves in when not prepared. If this kind of ‘personal’ outreach prevents one accident, it is well worth the effort,” says Dimel. Approximately 50 shirts have been distributed.

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