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Kudos to City of Irvine and Police Association on New Contract; Costa Mesa Lags Behind: 423 Days (And Counting) Without a Contract

badgeCMPAWe, at the Costa Mesa Police Association, are dedicated to protecting and serving our amazing community here in Costa Mesa -- which is something we do diligently, and passionately. From “America’s Night Out” events to the numerous memorial, medical and civil charities we support, our work is something we truly enjoy, because it’s centered around helping others and watching our community grow and improve.

As of this writing, Costa Mesa Police Officers have been operating for over 420 days without a contract from the city. While Costa Mesa Police will still abide by our duty of protecting and serving, going 423 days without a contract is ultimately proving concerning as well as a bit disheartening.

We submitted a contract to the City Council on October 30th 2014, which detailed strategic planning and funding that would allow the Costa Mesa Police Department to operate in a way that would be most beneficial to the city and the officers who dedicate their time, energy and lives to ensuring public safety.

Just weeks ago, the City of Irvine, which is widely considered one of the most safe cities in the region, had approved a similar contract for their police department. We would like to congratulate our brothers and sisters-in-arms for their newfound contract, as well as the Irvine City Council, for making public safety a top priority. It’s no question as to why Irvine is touted for its safety, as it is apparent that there are positive synergistic efforts between the council and city officials.

When discussing the City of Irvine’s new contract with police, council members have praised Irvine Police for being respectful, as well as accommodating in past negotiations especially those had during times of economic distress. And we understand that, because we have, too.

We have been very considerate in past negotiations, especially those during times of economic down-turn -- and we will continue to be respectful in our discussions today.

Simply put, we are hoping the City Council will recognize the benefits from the priority its neighboring city put on securing a contract for their police and public safety.

We eagerly look forward to working with the council members to making Costa Mesa the safest city in Orange County.
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